How do I create a multiple azimuth Rooftop Solar site?

How do I create a multiple azimuth Rooftop Solar site?

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Creating multiple azimuth for rooftop solar site

Learn how to work with split arrays and multiple azimuth angles in your solar setup, and access valuable tips for optimizing your system's performance.

If you have recently created your own rooftop solar site or tested out our PV performance estimation tool, you might have questions like these:

  • How do I add multiple strings?
  • I have a split array, how can I add this information?
  • I have more than one direction for my solar panels.
  • How do I add a Rooftop solar site that has more than one azimuth angle?

The short answer is we don't support multiple azimuth systems directly in the API at this time, nor do we support this in the free PV performance estimation tool.

However, this is not a dead end.  If you have a multiple array PV system, you can do the following: