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Frequently asked questions from home hobbyists

Learn more about Solcast’s home users toolkit account.

Account Access

Why can’t I get through the signup page?
More account FAQ’s available here: https://kb.solcast.com.au/account-access-faqs

Hobbyist API Requests

I’ve run out of requests. How do I request for more data?
Are the 10 API calls per site or in total?
You used to provide 50 api calls per day, can I also get 50 api calls?
I get an error when I enter my Solcast details into GivEnergy
I’ve integrated with GivEnergy but it looks like I’ve used up all my daily 10 API request?
I’ve signed up with Solcast, but it doesn’t look like it’s working with Home Assistant
I’m making API calls but the API no longer works.
I’m receiving 429 errors but not over my API limit, why is this?

Available data for home user account

How can I find the power produced at a particular time on an hourly basis?
Help, I’m getting a message that my updated latitude and longitude “is not within a close proximity to your existing rooftop site”
What can I do if my capacity is less than 1kW?
Can I have more than 2 sites (if you have multiple arrays or rooftop solar azimuths)
Can you please confirm that both sites will be aggregated, when sending data to an external system?
I’m using an external software application of which I’ve entered the Solcast API key, and needed to make changes to my Home PV site, will the data values exported update automatically?
What is the unit for the PvEstimate column?
I’ve set up my array but it shows no PV Power being produced, why is this happening?
kW vs kWh (Power vs Energy)
During winter the PV Power seems to be more accurate at a lower efficiency rating, why is that?
Have questions that are not covered in our FAQs list? Reach out to Solcast’s support team (support@solcast.com.au) and we’ll help you with your inquiries.