Where do I find my Resource Id?

Where do I find my Resource Id?

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Retrieve your resource id information in your Solcast Toolkit Account

Each location is assigned with a unique resource id which is easily accessible.

When you create a location or site in the Solcast API Toolkit, a resource id is automatically generated. The unique resource id can then be used to make API requests for this location.

For Commercial users, you can obtain your resource Id by:

  1. Selecting Live and Forecast at the top. If you only have access to Live and Forecast, this may be selected by default.
  2. image
  1. If using the toolkit to export data, select Live or Forecast
  2. image
  1. Select Advanced PV Power
  2. image
  1. You will see a list of Advanced PV Power Sites, including unmeted locations. (Please scroll up/down to view sites)
  2. image
  1. As you can see the resource ID is available under the name, however if you select the site you can copy the resource ID with the site detail view.
  2. image

Here are two ways to display your resource id for Hobbyist:

Option 1

You can find it on your account dashboard.


Option 2

Click ‘View site detail’ to show your site summary with your resource id.