What is the Solcast API? What do Solcast APIs provide?

What is the Solcast API? What do Solcast APIs provide?

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What you need to know about the Solcast API

"The Solcast API" is a phrase we adopted in the early stages of Solcast's development as a company. Since then, the team has consistently enhanced the API to provide you with accurate solar data you need.

Solcast now offers a range of API based data products, which are available through our API Toolkit for evaluation, trial and purchase.

The Solcast API services deliver live and forecast solar radiation and power output data, and are designed to be easy to use and to integrate. We’ve built this SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) offering to enable with the smooth transition to high penetrations of solar energy generation. For a good introduction to the types of data we offer, and what our data looks like, the best place to start is to register and browse the Solcast API Toolkit.