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Subscription Management

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FAQs for managing your subscription

Learn how to manage your subscriptions.

Common Billing Questions

Do you offer a discount for annual subscriptions?

No. Our pricing strategy is aimed at being both flexible and affordable. We are already offering the most competitive prices we can and do not offer further discounts beyond the monthly pricing.

For long-term contracts at many sites, it may be possible to provide you with a discount through an enterprise subscription. Contact our friendly sales team to discuss your options.

Can I pay in my local currency?

Is your pricing in US dollars? Can I pay in another currency? Can I get a quote in local pricing format?

All monthly subscription payments are made in US dollars (USD) and local currency purchases are not available through the API Toolkit subscription management system.

For large bespoke contracts, local currency payments may be possible. Contact our friendly sales team with your request.

Will I receive and invoice

You can find information about your billing history in your subscription management page in the API Toolkit, located here.

It will appear under 'View billing history'


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