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Empower your solar mission journey with the Solcast API

Retrieve TMY irradiance data, Time Series irradiance data, and live and forecasting solar data anywhere in the world through the Solcast Solar Data API service.

Real-time and historical rapid-update solar forecasting and historical data, globally available via API


The Solcast API in action. Retrieve solar radiation forecasting and estimated actuals data globally on demand, wherever you need it. Including instant validation against our 1-hour ahead forecast.

Solcast operates a global 3rd generation weather satellite global cloud nowcasting system, which identifies, characterises and predicts cloud cover characteristics.  Altogether, Solcast pulls in data from five weather satellites, updating our data live, every 5-15 minutes, at high-resolutions (1-2km).

This tremendous amount of data (billions of data points each day) pass through our proprietary solar radiation and PV power conversion model to deliver a variety of data products focused on PV power output and solar irradiance data through a clearly documented and fully-supported API framework.

The Solcast API enables users to complete their solar mission

Our unique level of coverage, scalability, ease of access & integration has allowed Solcast to enable a broad set of users to complete their solar mission. With the Solcast API service, our users can:

  • Access forecast solar irradiance data anywhere in the world
  • Deploy, maintain and operate utility scale solar farms
  • Create grid aggregations that model tens to thousands to millions of PV systems for a set region or network asset
  • Utilise rooftop solar forecasting tools to optimise home energy use and storage

Try out the Solcast API service now!

You can get started with the Solcast API services in less than five minutes. Sign-up now for our API and instantly access our global solar forecasting and estimated actuals dataset.  You can also model and forecast utility scale solar farms, create your own grid aggregations and generate forecasts for individual rooftop PV sites trial upon request.