Introducing Sites API

Introducing Sites API

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We've launched new features in our solar irradiance data services!

Introducing the Solcast's sites-based approach which acknowledges the uniqueness of individual locations.

Solcast announced an official version 1 (v1.0) for our API services and has since employed a ‘sites’ based approach, where each site has a unique resource ID based on a single, set location.

This API can provide both forecasts and estimates of the actual power output (estimated actuals) from solar PV systems of both rooftop (<1MW) or utility scale (>1MW) .

This sites-based framework also allows Solcast to provide real-time reporting on forecast accuracy, so that you can track our performance and validate our product with ease. We even persist our 1-hour ahead forecast in the API to make it easy for you to validate our accuracy on-the-fly.