How often do you update the forecast and live data?

How often do you update the forecast and live data?

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Understanding the frequency of solar forecast data updates

Solcast's real time and forecast data tracks and forecasts real clouds at a resolution of 1-2km and 5 minutes. With that, you can anticipate frequent, regular updates to help you make informed decisions.
What is the forecast update cycle? When or how often are new forecasts available? When does the 'live' data update?

All of Solcast's data products are 'Rapid Update', meaning we update all of our live and forecast data every 5-15 minutes, depending on where you're located in the world. Solcast forecast update frequency include dayahead forecasts 4 times/day.


These updates apply to the next 4 hours of our forecast data and the most recent interval of the live data. These updates occur with each new satellites scan, and include updates to each of the members of our probabilistic forecasting ensemble (represented in the P10 and P90 data in the forecasts).