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Thousands of PV systems, one forecast

With Solcast Grid Aggregations, you can have access to collective power forecast for thousands of PV sites. Discover more about this product and the valuable data it provides.

Grid Aggregation Data Specifications

Geographic coverage
Global, except for ocean and polar regions.
Temporal coverage
Historic data: January 2007 to 7 days ago Operational data: -7 days ago to + 7 days ahead
Temporal resolution
5, 10, 15, 30 & 60 minutes (period-mean values)
Spatial resolution
1-2km (irradiance and cloud parameters, over all non-polar continental areas and nearby islands) 27km (other parameters, and polar or remote oceanic regions)
Data parameters
PV Power (MW) (10th, 50th, & 90th percentile)PV Power (%) (10th, 50th, & 90th percentile)
Data access
Via the Solcast API & Solcast Web Toolkit
File formats
JSON and CSV (CSV not recommended for automation)

Gain an in-depth understanding of Grid Aggregations here or reach out to one of our Solar Data Managers.