Getting started with Rooftop PV sites

Getting started with Rooftop PV sites

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Solcast Rooftop PV sites

How do I create a rooftop forecasting site? How do I enter my home solar system details? Where do I begin?

Creating a new Rooftop site

What to do first

First, you'll need to login to the API Toolkit, and scroll down to the "Rooftop" section, and select 'Add site'.


Entering details about your Rooftop PV system

In order to generate a forecast or estimated actuals for your Rooftop PV site, we'll need to know where it is, a name, and some details about your PV array. You'll enter those in the site creation page:


What are all of these required data points?Some of you may be new to Solar PV power modelling, so we've put together a bit more information on how to know what to enter in the above fields:

Getting the data!

All of the Solcast data products operate via an API (Application Programming Interface).  The purpose of the API Toolkit, is to make this easier to understand, and get you the data you're after more quickly and easily.

The easiest way to interact with your data, is to look at the demonstration plots that are available on the "site detail" page for your newly created Rooftop PV site, which will appear at:


You can also retrieve the data in CSV, json or XML format via an API call, which you can build according to your desired outcome in the 'Download' section of this page. You can copy the URL from the "API" field and paste it into your web browser to view the data.  From there, you'll need to download it into your favourite data analysis program (i.e. excel or google sheets for the newbies out there!).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Within the Solcast Toolkit the Live and Forecast Rooftop PV will not allow me to enter a capacity greater than 2000kW

In the scenario where your site has greater than 2000kW, you can do one of two things:

  1. Enter 2000kW within the capacity field, and if your system is say 8000kW, multiple the power output by 4 to achieve the same results. Alternatively;
  2. You can copy the URL that is offered at the bottom of the Toolkit, and update the parameter where it says 2000, to match your existing system (or if using the API directly, update the capacity to your capacity requirements). So in the scenario above, you would update this parameter to 8000, and you will obtain the same result.