Free forecasting data for your home rooftop solar system

Free forecasting data for your home rooftop solar system

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Free solar power forecasting for your home

Explore how you can access free rooftop solar power forecasts for your home, perfect for DIY projects and optimizing your home's energy usage.
I have a home solar system, do you offer forecasting services for individuals like me? Is there a cost?

Do you have a rooftop solar system on your house? If so, we offer free ongoing access to our Rooftop Solar Power Forecasts for your home solar system for personal non-commercial use only.

You won't have access to our other Live and Forecast products (such as solar radiation data and utility scale forecasts), and you won't have access to recent (past 3 months) data, but you will have enhanced access to our Free Tier with standard number of API calls available for your rooftop site.

Our aim is to enable users like yourselves to build new tools, conduct DIY experiments, or even adjust your home energy usage according to solar availability.

Just register for the Solcast API services and choose the "Home User" category. You can check out this user guide page to navigate your home user account.