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Evaluate Data Access

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Evaluation data for commercial requirements

It’s important you can trust the data source you’re using, so we make it possible to evaluate Solcast data through the toolkit or API

Commercial Users

Anyone who is evaluating Solcast for commercial purposes can access some data for free for evaluation purposes. Create a Toolkit account here, and you will recieve free access to:

  • Up to 10 free Live and Forecast data requests at your own locations
  • Up to 15 free Historic Time Series data requests (15 site-months) at your locations
  • Unlimited Live and Forecast, Historic Time Series, or Monthly Average data requests at Solcast’s unmetered locations

Additional data access can be provided on request if you need more detail to assess and evaluate Solcast data accuracy.

Researchers and Academics

We’re happy to support academics and students conducting research in the field. Details of our Researcher trial access is available here. Please use your educational email address and provide some details on your project.

Home PV Needs

Do you have a home PV system? If so, we offer free ongoing access to our Rooftop Solar Power Forecasts for your home solar system for personal non-commercial use only. You can do this by selecting "My home PV system only" when you register for your Solcast account. Locations must be residential.